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Daily Contact Line

We are aware of the statement from the Minister for Education regarding school closures across Wales. We will inform parents of full details once we have more information and clear guidance from Welsh Government.

- Mr. A. Thompson

Following Friday’s update, we are asking that parents and families avoid visiting the school reception area wherever possible. This is to minimise contact for pupils and staff. We are operating only meetings which are absolutely essential for the running of the school and the safeguarding of pupils – therefore, we would ask that any concerns be raised firstly through telephone or email to school. Meetings with Progress Leaders to discuss minor or standard issues will not be held face-to-face.

If pupils exhibit the symptoms of a new persistent cough or high temperature (above 37.8oC) , they should not attend school but should be kept home for a period of 7 days in self-isolation. If we feel as a school that we have seen symptoms, or if children report to us with them, we will be contacting home asking families to collect children as soon as possible. This is to help contain the virus and protect the whole school community. Public health advice for anyone with symptoms is to not visit a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital, but check their symptoms against the call NHS Direct Wales website – and take further guidance from this, including if you feel your child may have been in direct contact with a confirmed case of Covid19.

Up to date advice is here:

We are also being asked whether pupils should self-isolate as a protective measure to themselves or an ‘at risk’ family member. The national advice here is that pupils who are well and exhibit no symptoms should continue to attend school. As a school we cannot deviate from national advice and guidance. Due to the workload of staff, we are not able to set separate work for pupils not in school. When pupils return to school, they will be able to catch-up. If school should close at any point, we will then move to a system where work is available from the website for Years 7-9 with separate work for Year 10 and Year 11 on Google Classroom. Year 10 and Year 11 pupils all have Google log-ins to enable this.

We are not yet planning for an impact on the summer GCSE examinations. If there is any change to this, it will be a national decision and all pupils will be treated the same across the country. They will not be disadvantaged.

I understand this is a very anxious time for the whole country. I have been very impressed with our pupils’ maturity during this period, but am also very aware that some will be hiding worries and concerns about family members and themselves. Please speak to the children and continue to reassure them.

We will continue to keep you informed of significant developments as things change.

- Mr. A. Thompson

Clearly we are now in a fast-changing period of reaction to, and public health requirements around, the virus.

In line with Public Health Wales and UK Govt guidance, school remains open for all pupils. There is new guidance for self-isolating and these can be found online and in most news bulletins.

To prepare further, as a school we have planned off-site learning for all Year 11 and Year 10 pupils through Google Classroom. All pupils have log-ins and staff are uploading relevant examination teaching material, should it be needed in the event of any possible school closure. We will also be arranging work for Years 7-9 in the same event, and this will be downloadable from the website. We are now limiting school visits within the UK on a strict basis and assessing each event separately, to safeguard the children and also to ensure we have as many staff available for work in school as possible.

As announced by the Prime Minister, trips abroad have been advised against – though we have not yet been given the timescale for this or details of how any new cancellations will be managed at a government/insurance level. We do know that our Easter Sorrento trip will not be going ahead due to FCO restrictions, but it is too early to decide on our Canada trip will (though this feels unlikely). I will update parents as soon as we have further clarity around these trips and the cancellation process. ?Regarding our Easter revision programme - we have planned this but do not want to release it yet to the fast changing nature of the current situation. We will release it when we have certainty for all parents and staff. Finally, we believe we have sourced further antibacterial handgel to ensure each classroom has access to use of it as pupils enter – we are expecting this on Monday. I would urge you to keep checking our website and Twitter page for updates, and wish you and your family well at what is clearly a difficult time.
- Mr. A. Thompson

Sorrento trip - Given the changes to the travel situation in Italy, we will be contacting the travel company and insurers this morning. We will text all parents with an update on this situation as soon as we have confirmation from them.
- Mr. A. Thompson

The travel company is working through its many bookings for Italy, contacting schools in date order and using national and international advice. We are expecting a full update on Friday.
- Mr. A. Thompson


We are aware of the press reports today that suggest a maintenance worker at Disney Paris has tested positive for the Coronavirus. It has been reported that this worker did not have direct contact with visiting customers. We are currently seeking Local Authority advice about next steps. At lunchtime today we will be speaking to all pupils who attended the trip. We would urge parents not to panic, but to be aware of any symptoms - cough, fever or shortness of breath.

- Mr. A. Thompson

We would like to reassure all families that we are monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus very closely, and take advice from Public Health Wales (in line with all schools) and the Local Authority. We receive a daily update regarding the situation and how we should react.

Our school trip to Disneyland Paris tomorrow will be going ahead as planned. This decision is based on ongoing advice from the Local Authority. The park is open for business as usual and the FCO has no recommended restrictions on trips to Paris. As such, our travel insurance which covers the cost of cancellation of trips would not currently be accessible. The tour company have confirmed that the tour bus will have hand sanitiser for all pupils, which will be used on each occasion pupils return to the bus.

Regarding our Sorrento trip at Easter, we continue to monitor the recommendations for travel closely. We will keep all parents informed of any developments as and when they happen.
- Mr. A. Thompson

Coronavirus outbreak - Sorrento School Trip 27/2/2020
With regards to the planned school trip to Sorrento in April, the school is monitoring the Coronavirus situation very closely. Although Sorrento is not located within the area of Italy currently under focus, the situation is fast-moving and we will keep parents updated with all relevant information as soon as we have it. Whilst the current advice is that we would expect the trip to proceed as planned, any decisions will be led by UK national government advice around safe travel. This advice is being monitored on a daily basis and we will keep parents advised as and when anything changes.
- Mr A. Thompson


Dear Parents and Carers,

Given today’s announcements from the Minister for Education regarding the closure of schools, and the cancellation of the summer examinations, please find arrangements for the next two days below:

Thursday 19th March -
School OPEN for all pupils as normal.

Friday 20th March -
School CLOSED to all pupils to ensure safety around ongoing transmission of the Coronavirus, and to give teaching staff time to finalise preparations for an extended period of off-site learning.

If the school closure on Friday presents a problem for you or your family, please contact the reception for further advice.

I wish you and your family well at this difficult time.

Your faithfully,

- Mr. A. Thompson
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