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by School Admin - Monday, 16 March 2020, 11:52 AM

Clearly we are now in a fast-changing period of reaction to, and public health requirements around, the virus.

In line with Public Health Wales and UK Govt guidance, school remains open for all pupils.

There is new guidance for self-isolating and these can be found online and in most news bulletins.

To prepare further, as a school we have planned off-site learning for all Year 11 and Year 10 pupils through Google Classroom. All pupils have log-ins and staff are uploading relevant examination teaching material, should it be needed in the event of any possible school closure. We will also be arranging work for Years 7-9 in the same event, and this will be downloadable from the website. We are now limiting school visits within the UK on a strict basis and assessing each event separately, to safeguard the children and also to ensure we have as many staff available for work in school as possible.

As announced by the Prime Minister, trips abroad have been advised against – though we have not yet been given the timescale for this or details of how any new cancellations will be managed at a government/insurance level. We do know that our Easter Sorrento trip will not be going ahead due to FCO restrictions, but it is too early to decide on our Canada trip will (though this feels unlikely). I will update parents as soon as we have further clarity around these trips and the cancellation process. Regarding our Easter revision programme - we have planned this but do not want to release it yet to the fast changing nature of the current situation. We will release it when we have certainty for all parents and staff. Finally, we believe we have sourced further antibacterial handgel to ensure each classroom has access to use of it as pupils enter – we are expecting this on Monday. I would urge you to keep checking our website and Twitter page for updates, and wish you and your family well at what is clearly a difficult time.
- Mr. A. Thompson