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Drama Trips
by School Admin - Thursday, 27 February 2020, 11:37 AM

Lion King

Our Drama department has been very busy in the past few months with trips and rehearsals.

Cody Glendinning 10M1: We went to Bristol to see ‘The Lion King’ production in the Bristol Hippodrome Theatre. It was a great and enjoyable experience that allowed us to see a professional performance. The performance consisted of a live band, intricate costumes and makeup that was very animalistic. It was performed by a cast of professional actors, dancer, singers and musicians that varied in age. Upon watching the show we have gained the knowledge of what professional performances should be like and ways that we can use costume and movement to create an impression on the audience. Overall it was a very good experience and we would like to go again sometime in the near future. 10/10


Shakespeare Performance: Pupils from Year 10 and 11, taking Btec Performing Arts, performed at the Riverfront Theatre in Newport in November. This was organised by Mrs Woollatt, Head of Performing Arts, and Miss Campbell. They enter our pupils for this experience every year. Over the years we have performed serious plays including Macbeth and comedies including A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This year the performance was ‘The Winter’s Tale’ . Although it was grouped among the comedies, it has been relabelled as one of Shakespeare's late romances .

Thomas Ryan 1012: I was lucky enough to be involved, performing the role of Camillo in ‘The Winter’s Tale’. The festival was a helpful experience towards out BTEC qualification and gave us the chance to watch other schools perform, perform at a professional theatre and take part in workshops with professional actors. I will definitely be taking part again next year.

Check out photos of the trips HERE