Meet the Repairs Team

Repairs Team

The Repairs team are responsible for :

  • The Repair of PCs, Servers, Printers and other peripherals on a per contract basis.

  • The supply of PC, Server, Printer and peripheral components to signed up customers

  • The upgrade of contracted PC and Server equipment

  • Audio and Visual equipment maintenance on a per contract basis

  • Testing of IT Services recommended equipment

  • Advice and Consultancy on Hardware

  • The Team keep spare parts for equipment that has been purchased through the authority e.g. Dell, IBM or Hewlett Packard. Other parts are available but are subject to availability and co-operation of manufacturers. Dell, IBM and HP all keep at least 5 years of parts availability.

  • The Repairs team resolve on average 1600 calls per year and process 450 orders for upgrade equipment and small peripherals (at cost price) e.g. CD/DVD Writers, Pen Drives, cables etc.

  • The average time taken to repair an item of equipment is 4.9 working days.

  • The Repair service covers Audio and Visual equipment such as Coombers, Yamaha keyboards, TVs, Videos etc as well as PC equipment.

The Team can Support the following IT equipment from the following Manufacturers :-

  • Laptops- Dell, IBM/Lenovo, Toshiba

  • Desktop computers- Dell, IBM/Lenovo, RM, Desktop Clones that use standard components such as DAN, NS Optima, Time etc (These need to be checked before going on contract)

  • Printers- HP , Epson, Brother

  • Servers- Dell, IBM, Compaq

  • Projectors - Epson

  • OHP projectors - 3m, Elite

  • Whiteboards - Hitachi

  • Audio Visual equipment - Coomber, Yamaha (keyboards), Tandberg/Sanako, Panasonic

Robert Pritchard
Repairs Engineer
Che Edwards
Repairs Engineer



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