I want my child to attend RCCS when they leave Primary. How do I apply?  All admissions for our school are managed by the Local Authority, Caerphilly County Borough Council. If you attend a Primary School in the borough you will receive information directly about options available to you, and you can apply using the forms provided, or on line at www.caerphilly.gov.uk If you live outside the area you can also apply by requesting the forms directly or through the website. You must ensure that CCBC receive your application by the closing date stated on the form, which is normally the end of the second week of December of the previous year. Late applications will be processed but you may find that the school is full and we may be unable to offer you a place.

What if I want my child to transfer during the year?  If you decide to change schools during an academic year you also need to apply through CCBC by requesting the appropriate form or using the online facility by following the link mentioned above, but you are advised to contact us to discuss the matter first.

Can I visit the school to help me decide?  Yes of course. You can ring to arrange a meeting with the Head Teacher and to have a tour of the school during the day. We recommend this. If your child is in Primary School you can also attend an Open Evening which we hold in early September.

How are the classes organised?  Academic groups are based on ability in Y8-11, but the tutor groups are mainly organised to allow people to be comfortable in friendship groups.

What about Induction?  Pupils in local Primaries will be familiar with the school thanks to our comprehensive transition programme. If you are from outside our area and decide in Y6 to join us we will make sure you are involved in this programme too.

And if my child joins mid year…?  We try to make this as smooth as possible, and we will meet with you to discuss any issues. In Y10/11 especially we need to meet to talk over the curriculum options. It helps us to have all the information from the previous school as quickly as possible too, so we can make the best arrangements for your child. We also pair up children with a “buddy” to make things easier.

How long does the process take?  Starting in Y7 is straightforward. Transfers during the school year can take up to 14 days although we try to reduce this as much as we can. Uniform can be sorted very quickly through our supplier, Macey Sports (see the separate information on our website.)

Last modified: Saturday, 27 October 2012, 10:33 AM