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Is your child taking GCSEs? Here's a useful guide to how you can help.

You can find useful data on all schools in Wales on the Welsh Government's "My Local School" site. Click here for information about RCCS.

You can access the latest Estyn report for the school here.

You can find details of Grant funding here.

Find out about claiming for Free School Meals here

Find out about ParentPay (on line payment for trips etc) here

Please note most of our information for parents now comes through the weekly blog which you can read HERE.


We try to avoid sending information by postĀ and prefer to communicate electronically, but occasionally we will send a traditonal letter.



We have a number of short, informal documents for parents and carers in the form of FAQ Factsheets. These cover a range of issues and are regularly updated.If you have any ideas about topics you would like covered in this series please let us know.

Other schools are welcome to use and adapt these documents, but please acknowledge the source. Thank you


The ASD Centre



Breaks & Lunchtimes

The Canteen (LINKS:- CCBC Catering and Free School Meals)

Community School


Duke of Edinburgh

Emergency Closure


Leadership and Management, 2017/18

The Library

Musical Instrument Lessons

National Literacy and Numeracy Framework

Parents' Evenings

PE and School Sports

Helping with Reading

"Safe Mode" Procedures



Uniform Grant

Y11 GCSE Examinations


Full Day Schedule (pdf)


Please click HERE to download the SeptemberĀ 2019/20 uniform list (pdf) You may also want to read about the Uniform Grant in the FAQ section above.

Visit our supplier's website.

TERM DATES 2019/20

Click here to find current and future term dates for all Caerphilly schools

Here's our year at a glance calendar for 2019/20

Please click HERE for the full schedule of parents' evenings and progress reports for 2019/20


We would advise you to regulate your child's use of the internet at all times, and this means more than simply monitoring the home computer, as many mobile devices are now able to access programs. Click here to read an important letter from the local authority, and here for a useful leaflet.


Attendance Policy
Safeguarding Policy
Sex and Relationships
Internal Appeals
Policy for External Qualifications
School Strategic Equality PlanData Protection Policy

Privacy Notices


Full Privacy Notice

Anti-bullying policy and strategy
Complaints procedure


Arrangements in Wales for meeting with the school Governing Body have changed. Please click here for the latest information.

See under the "Governors" tab for further information on the RCCS Governing Body


We (@RiscaCCS) were the first school in Wales-perhaps even the UK- to start using Twitter as a means of communicating regularly with our school community back in 2009, and we also use Facebook as a linked account, as well as YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr. Some schools still avoid social networking sites and some parents may have concerns. Click here to read a short policy statement we prepared for pupils, see above for our FAQ sheet, and for more general information see our "Keeping children safe on line" section. Read about our Twitter story here.

We are often consulted on the use of social media in education and are always happy to offer advice to parents and to other schools

HEADTEACHER'S LETTERS ARCHIVE 2012/13/14/15/16/17/18/19

Dear Parent/Carer

Letter to parents/carers July 2017

Letter to parents of new Y7, 29.06.17

Letter regarding free school meals 04/01/17

Letter regarding drop off/collection of pupils 09/09/16

Letter to parents/carers 05/09/16

Letter to parents of new Y7, 30.06.16

Letter to Y7-10 parents/carers, 06.06.16

Letter to Y11 parents/carers, 16.05.16

Letter to Parents/Carers (June 12th 2015)

Letter to Parents/Carers about pupils leaving site (April 27th 2015)

Letter to Parents/Carers with regard to traffic safety (January 8th 2015)

Letter to Parents/Carers (November 28th 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers about uniform and attendance (July 17th 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers with regard to Industrial Action on 10th July (July 3rd 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers (June 27th 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers of pupils joining us in September (June 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers- Estyn Report (May 2014)

Letter to Parents/Carers of pupils with regard to Industrial Action on 26th March

Letter to Parents/Carers of students in receipt of English GCSE grades (March 6th 2014)

Letter to all RCCS Parents/Carers (February 12th 2014)

Letter for Parents of Y6 joining us in 2014 (December 12th 2013)

Letter to all RCCS Parents/Carers (December 12th 2013)

Letter to Y8-11 Parents 3.09.13

Letter to Y7 Parents 2.09.13

Reservoir Safety Message (July 2013)

Letter for parents of pupils in Y6 joining RCCS in September 2013

Letter regarding developments in the Canteen

Summer Term Letter to Parents 5- May 2013

Spring Term Letter to Parents 4- February 2013

Letter to next year's new intake- December 2012

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On this page you will find information which we hope will be useful to you as parents. If you cannot find the information you require, please contact us on risca@caerphilly.gov.uk
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