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Procedures for Closure Due to Snow
by School Admin - Thursday, 14 January 2016, 04:10 PM

Dear Parents / Carers January 2016

Procedures for Closure Due to Snow

Should we have snow, information about school opening / closure can be accessed via the Caerphilly website. This provides information about all schools closed due to snow and, if this has happened, when schools will reopen again.

Should it snow heavily during the school day and we have made the decision to close, we allow pupils to use their mobile phones to contact you from their lessons to let you know they need to come home. We ensure every pupil has spoken to a parent.

Should any pupil be unable to make contact or get home, he / she will remain on site until collected.

Buses are contacted as soon as the decision to close has been made. Pupils remain on site until buses arrive. This happens as quickly as possible to ensure pupils living further away get home safely.

Should your child be involved in examinations, we do our very best to run these examinations even if the school is closed because of snow. In this event we liaise with parents individually.

I trust parents and carers find this helpful in knowing our procedures in the event of closure due to inclement weather.

Yours sincerely

L.J. Perry