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National Tree Week
by School Admin - Monday, 5 December 2016, 01:46 PM

Tree Week

The Year 7 Eco Committee team took an active role in National Tree Week this year and helped to create bird boxes for local birdlife in Pantside Community woodland.  There were 6 different boxes that suited a wide range of birds from Nuthatches to Blue Tits and Robins.  They are in place and ready for nesting through the cold winter months when life can be quite difficult.  We also planted a wild cherry tree that when it has matured will provide a source of food for birds at this time of year when food supplies are more limited.

You too could help by providing birds with easily accessible food means they use less energy, and this can really help them survive the winter. Seed mixes rich in oils (such as sunflower seeds), and suet based products provide the most calories; just simply scattering across a paved area or lawn if a feeder isn’t available.

See more photos HERE