Meet the Corporate Support Team

Wayne Turner Network Development Officer

Our service area is part of the Operations section of I.T. Services and is managed by Wayne Turner, the Network Development Officer. Wayne works closely with Gwyn Williams, the Principal Operations Officer in managing the infrastructure of Caerphilly County Borough Council. Wayne and Gwyn work for Lynton Jones, the IT Operations Manager. It is our responsibility to look after the installation and support of PCs, Laptops, Peripherals and software for the Corporate arena and the PCs, Laptops, Peripherals, Network and Servers in the Educational arena which includes Schools, Leisure Centres and Libraries. Through external funding we also support the Broadband initiates being driven by the Welsh Government.

28 dedicated, professional staff look after the installation and support services across these five areas and through constant service improvement we continue to be one of the leading ICT Support Teams in Wales.

Corporate Support Team

The Corporate Installation and Support team are responsible for :

The IT Support and Installation Services for Social Services, Chief Executive and the Directorate of the Environment
Installation and Decommissioning of Pcs, Printers, Peripherals and Software
Third Party Application Installation and Support
Co-ordination and movement of equipment for Accommodation moves and changes
Health and Safety Advice
Security Advice  
The Team support approximately 130 Corporate Sites containing 3,200 PCs, 700 laptops and 1,100 Printers
The Team resolve approximately 3,800 Helpdesk calls per year
The Team resolve 97.9% of their Helpdesk calls within the 2 day target
The Team aim to install an item of hardware within 15 working days from receipt of your emailed order. We are currently achieving on average 12.7 working days. 

Chris Chivers
ICT Team Leader
Mark Connett
Printing Specialist
Gareth Hawkins
Senior ICT Engineer
Chris Stubbs
ICT Engineer
Gavin Lewis
ICT Engineer
Peter James
ICT Engineer
David Wheeler
ICT Engineer
Henry Van Ek
ICT Engineer



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