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Removal of Windows XP machines
by Chris Williams - Thursday, 13 October 2016, 10:11 AM

We need to remove the PCs/Laptops running Windows XP from the network by the end of December 2016.


The main options for removing Windows XP from the network are below:-


•           Upgrade existing PCs/Laptops to Windows 7 (dependant on the age of the machines)

•           Replace existing PCs/Laptops with new PCs/ Laptops or other devices

•           Decommission of existing PCs/Laptops that are deemed by the school as being no longer required or used


IT Services will be able to provide advice on future strategy and estimated costs for the replacement or upgrade of existing devices running Windows XP. We will also make sure that any upgrade to Windows 7 or above is completed with minimum disruption to the school. Please contact myself direct or speak to one of our IT Support Engineers that visits the schools for more information.


If you require advice regarding funding for of any replacement/upgrade, please contact your School Finance Officer in the Education Finance Department.


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