Internet Safety

Internet safety is paramount in today’s digital age and we feel it is vital that students are kept safe when using the internet both at school and at home. We have incorporated internet safety into the ICT curriculum in KS 3 and 4; it is also incorporated into the PSE programme at school.

Pupils in year 7 are asked to sign an internet agreement form (available here) which outlines a safety policy when they are using the internet at school.

We are also supported by Caerphilly County Council IT team which regulates the use of the internet in schools throughout the borough.

There is a folder on the pupil’s shared documents area in school regarding information about internet safety and useful websites pupils can access, it includes the recently published Byron report which explains to young people and children about staying safe on the internet and using video games. Download the Byron report.

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Last modified: Monday, 14 November 2011, 12:13 PM