Parents' Updates 2016


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Calendar for Year 11 (Click Here)

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Inspection report Nov 2015 (Click Here)

Response to inspection Jan 2016 (Click Here)


Parents' Updates 2015

Pupil Deprivation Grant (Click Here)

Start of term letter to parents/guardians (Click Here) September 2015

End of term letter to parents/guardians (Click Here)

KS3 Literacy and Numeracy Frameworks (Year 7), (Year 8) and (Year 9) 

Parents' Updates 2013

Caerphilly Secondary Heads statement on 21st Century Schools and Cwmcarn (Click Here)

Governor's Annual Report to Parents 2011-2012 (Click Here)

Parents' Updates 2011

Response to School Banding Dec 2011 (Click Here)

KS3 Assessment Letter Oct 2011 (Click Here)

Parents' Updates 2009

Inspection report Jul 2009 (Click Here)

Response to inspection Jul 2009 (Click Here)

General Information

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Pupil Spelling Booklets

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 Spelling Booklet (
 Spelling Booklet (
 Spelling Booklet (
 Spelling Booklet (
 Spelling Booklet (
 Spelling Booklet (
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