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by N Mazey - Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 12:46 PM

Dear Parents/Carers

You will no doubt have been made aware of weather warnings which may affect South Wales over the next week.  This is caused by freezing air from Siberia which will see severe wind chill and potential snow.

Please therefore be advised of our ADVERSE WEATHER ARRANGEMENTS.

There is the potential in the current forecasts that the weather could deteriorate during the course of the school day.  Our risk assessment in deciding whether to open the school will take this into account.  However, should we open, but have to close during the day all students should have, "an emergency number which they can contact should they need to be sent home in the event of a school closure during the day" and "know where they are to go in the event of such a school closure eg directly home, to a friend's home, or to a relative or neighbour".

Currently the BBC weather forecast indicates snowfall on Thursday 1st March and Friday, 2nd March.

We would also advise that students wear appropriate warm and light coloured coats, over school uniform, and appropriate footwear.

Yours sincerely

Ravi Pawar - Headteacher